Road to Boston (#baa15: T-15w)

Though I’m focused on running on trails, preferably ultra distances, I was lucky to achieve a sub 3 hour road marathon time in Munich 2013 and in Vienna 2014. To me it meant that my base speed is well and will help to move faster on trails.
I set my goal to only opt in once or twice to a road marathon – it’s simply not very appealing to me. However, in mid 2014 I set down and finally ready Matt Frazier’s book “No Meat Athlete”, in which he quite often mentions qualifying for the Boston Marathon as his major goal. Well, of course even in Europe, Boston is quite famous for one of “the” marathons worldwide, a dream of an everyday runner.
As a follow up, I checked the website – just out of curiosity – for the qualification requirements: Which time is needed, which marathons qualify, what about the costs. I was surprised to find out, that Munich and Vienna were on the list and that my sub 3 hour results (2:58:32 in Munich, to be more specific) are within the range of times which would allow me to apply for a place on the starters list.
That was tempting enough for me… more than that: I felt the obligation to at least try going through the application process. Many fellow runners chase those qualification times their whole life – some of them finally pass them, some never do. It would be a dissipation of my results and kind of “unfair”.
So I set a reminder on the first day when the registration for Boston 2015 opened. Time flew by, the day came and I had to find out that my slow qualification time puts me back in the queue and I had to wait a couple of additional days until I was allowed to hand in my application.
Well, what should I tell you: I’ve never been more excited for a road marathon and checked my mails, the official starter lists quite often in the following weeks.
Finally, I received this simple but valuable postcard from overseas:
The “organizational me” kicked in and checked flight prices and accommodation possibilities. Since hotels tended to be extremely expensive, I tried for the first time airbnb which turned out quite nice. Found a nice place to stay and had a kind conversation with the owner. Checked!
Flights could wait for a later point in time.
Fast forwarding to today:
After participating to some races at the end of 2014, incorporating an “off-season” month and starting again in December with regular running I was contacted by Tina Muir, an elite runner for saucony and community manager of runners connect. She’s searching for participants of Boston 2015 who are willing to contribute some thoughts and writing during their preparation for the race. Reason enough to finally get my blog reactivated, including my one and only New Year resolution to write regularly about my running, nutrition and races.
So, what’s the status of today:
Unfortunately since End of December 2014 I couldn’t get done any running because of an inflammation of my right ankle. It’s even hard and painful to walk.
Well, I’ve to be patient… it’s getting better and I hope to restart within the next 2 weeks.
In the meantime, core training exercises are my daily routine – something, I neglected last year way to often.